About Me… a “shortish” version.

My start, in this life…

I began my witchery as a child, mixing soil and water, with sticks and stones. Hiding in secret spaces to carry out my work. 

My family home for most of my childhood. Front right hedge was where I would hide. from the world, but still keep an eye on it.

Whilst living here this house my mum was gifted a set of Runes. The original clay ones by Ralph H Blum. Obviously, I used to play with them all the time. Reading my own fortune. Never really understanding what it meant. 

By the time I was a teenager my parents moved from New South Wales to Tasmania. I hated them for it. Some parts of me still does. Lack of opportunity, education and training, it was the pits. So, I rebelled. I may have been doing that before we moved, but I was finding me. Which is still quite a mystery. 

Selling that house, I wish had never happened. That is where I started to learn it all. A ghost lived there, and I am sure a whole host of other creatures, one of which is still with me today. Both my parents saw the lady of the house. She used to walk down the hallway late at night holding candle in an old brass candleholder. She touched me once. So firmly I was convinced it was mum or dad. But it wasn’t. It was no one. No one put her hand on my shoulder to stop me jumping around the sunroom dancing to The Angels at about 40 decibels!.

And dreams! The wildest crazy, scary dreams I ever had were in that house. They all belong in that time, in that house. 

However, I did learn a lot in Tasmania too.Tasmania was stuck in a time warp. We moved to a bogan town, where flannels and Blundstone boots were worn by everybody, including grandma. Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that good either. 

I arrived as a bit of a punk. Shaved hair, black buckled boots, listening to punk and goth. Some girls wore Dolly shoes, but mainly they wore Desert Boots (Blundstones). I had pointy toed, ankle high, buckled up black suede boots at school. I guess I stood out. 

I dove into Art and Music, that was my calling. I was in the High School Band, had my own band, was in a concert band and I created art. Lots of it. I think it is all gone now. Even my beautiful pewter runes that I lovingly created in high school. 

I should have become an artist, but life doesn’t always work like that, though it may still happen. 

Runes helped me to learn to feel energy. I never blindly pulled out runes. I could feel them. They spoke to me. And none more so than my pewter ones. Being metal, that had both warmth and cold around them. This was all energy, moving, creating. 

Anyway, my first boyfriend (hi Dave), his mother, Rosie, read tarot cards. She gifted me my first set, the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. Thinking back, I think this was the only deck in the world. Well, it was in my Tasmania anyway. 

Between feeling the energy of Runes and merging this in my tarot spreads, I realised I could also do psychometry. To this day I still call it object reading. This is all I knew. There were no books, no internet, no ‘up to date’ World Book Encyclopedias to find this information. There was just me. 

So I learned, reading cards and tapping into the ‘other side’ with psychometry. I was able to tell people layouts of their house, furniture in rooms, what people were wearing when they died, how they died and most of all, messages from ‘the grave’. 

I remember being abused by friends parents for telling them things that I should not have known. So young and so gifted. I didn’t realise.

As I grew up, I ventured onto all different paths. I loved iChing, and became very fluent in this and rune working. I created stain glassed windows with protection built in. I thought I had found my calling, and then somehow, I got caught up with ‘The Church’. 

Oh, how it broke my heart, my spirit. And I let it. The thing is, I don’t ‘not’ believe. It is the religion around God that is at fault. I believe in miracles, but I don’t believe in men. 

This is how I lost my runes, my cards, my belief in my gifts. I gave them to God but I said, “If I am meant to have them please give my gift back to me”

And how I tested God. I tested him at every point, even with help, with parking spots! I even started to sing in tongues, I can still do this. I do not know what it means, and it is not something I do very often, but it feels like, how Gregorian chants are in healing Solfeggio frequencies. It is all energy, and we are all able to tap into many gifts. If only we are open to it. 

Nearly ten years later I returned to study; natural therapies, focusing on aromatherapy. What do we have here? *Frequencies, notes, energy, balance, and harmony. 

I slowly became me again. Just starting with mediumship. No runes, or tarot. Just me, and guess what? I didn’t get rid of my crystals!

For nearly 20 years I was seeing a Tasmanian Healer, Mariangela Parodi. In the last few years, I had been extremely unwell, to the point of needing a liver transplant. She was with me through all of this. While I was post operation but still in hospital, I started doing her in-house training courses through her business Alkymia Energy Healing™. She has been a staple in getting me through some of the hardest times in my life. It was through these courses that I realised I knew a lot of this stuff but also opened me to new information. Things I didn’t even know she worked with. The last course I did with her I felt like I was being pushed, to get out there and start my own business. I didn’t like this feeling. 

Unfortunately, with my failing liver came hepatic encephalotomy. Brain poisoning. That is why I struggle with lots of everyday things. Concentration mainly, I can’t read and retain information. I can only read little bits at a time. I get words and numbers mixed up. I get angry, I overreact, and my memory is a bit like Swiss cheese. My transplant was in February 2018, and my brain shows no improvement, thus here we are. 

Therefore, I doubted myself. I thought:

“I can’t do that.

I can’t remember what the meanings of tarot cards are.

I don’t know one Rune from the next.

I don’t know who my spirit team is.

I cannot do readings for people.

Then I started letting go of my thoughts and my self-fulfilling failures and just went with it. Why? After all this time? Well, I went and saw a show by Charmaine Wilson, a very well-known Australian medium. Right before covid shut the world down, so February 2020. I listened. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t do what she does in front of so many people, but I too get messages. Some are only small but so were some of hers, and you know what? People found so much comfort in just knowing their loved once were there, still connected. 

This is why I came back. I am intuitive. I pick things up, I can tell what may be needed, I can tell that a message will make much more sense to someone else than to me. I am here. I am back. To connect, to guide, to teach and to heal. 

I have completed Reiki II©, Authentic Energy 30 day program™, Illuminated Path©, Evolve©, Success Activation© and many other training sessions. I am currently undertaking Soul Alignment Mastery™ through Connecting Soul Beings® with Bianca de Reus, which has really helped me come alive again. To believe in myself and to understand my gifts and our connections. 

Armed with everything and a little bit more, I ask you to take a ride with me. Let us lift your vibration. Let us be whole, healed and happy in this life, in this skin.

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  1. What a story! So lovely to learn more about you through this article. Wonderfully written!

    And congratulations on your website! Looks fantastic!

    Stay connected, with love and grace

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