Tigers Eye Palm Stones (#1 SOLD)


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3 Tigers Eye Palm stones. Please send note 2-4.

Palm stones are perfect to meditate with. Giving you opportunity to connect.

The Tiger’s Eye properties encourage you to live boldly, fiercely and bravely in all aspects of your life. When you are looking for a boost of courage to help you overcome fear or take risks in your life, there’s no better crystal to turn to than a Tiger’s Eye stone. When you channel the energy of the Tiger’s Eye meaning, you’ll be able to connect with the ultimate power crystal of the mineral kingdom.

The Tiger’s Eye crystal meaning gets its healing properties from a combination of the Sun and Earth elements. This is what gives it both grounding and inspiring vibrations. Similar to a tiger’s stripes, Tiger’s Eye crystal has an appearance to match its powerful energy. Its bold coloration is just as bold as its healing properties, which work to balance toxic emotions and create positive mental shifts. https://www.energymuse.com/tigers-eye-meaning


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