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Golden Healers have an unbreakable force of immense golden light. That force teaches us to observe the world with curiosity, wonder & knowing. By exploring the great mystery you will find the true self. They also impart the ability to not get stuck & the wisdom of using decaying energies for further creation.
Golden Healers guide us to exactly where we need to be & what we need to do, for the self & highest good of all. The Iron within fortifies & strengthens the abilities of the Quartz, shape shifting the existing Master healer into a spectacular Grand Master of limitless healing powers.
Golden Healers have such power that no negativity is harbored in its presents. The high vibrational energy field encompasses & expands one’s life force, bringing heightened states of conscious awareness through understanding. There are no limitations in this Master of Masters, far beyond imagination lies the true capabilities of this crystal. If you can dream it the Golden realm can create it.

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