Garden Quartz Sphere with Pyrite


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This Garden Quartz has a beautiful Pyrite landscape. It is very clear. Weighs 71g and is 4cm.

Garden Quartz is another name for Lodolite.

The inclusions that make this variety of Quartz so attractive to look at each add their unique properties to the crystal specimen.

They represent a land or seascape through which you can imagine yourself journeying to find tranquility, peace, serenity, communication with higher beings, and spiritual insights. This piece with it’s garden of pyrite reminds me of another world.

This crystal is a gentle, loving stone that resonates with harmonious vibrations, bringing reconciliations where there is discord and compassion where there is judgment.

Pyrite Quartz has the meaning and properties of purifying energy. It is a gemstone which protects us from the negative energy from the surroundings. It is known as an amulet of excellent talisman. It is also recommended for people who want to prevent malice from people.

Pyrite has long been valued as a strong protection stone that shields the wearer from negative energy as well as environmental pollutants. Thus, this stone helps promote physical well-being as well. Stimulating the second and third chakras, pyrite enhances strength of mind and willpower.

Weight.071 kg
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 cm


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