5cm Dragon Skull – Clear Quartz 2


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Clear Quartz is a Master Healer. It connects directly with our crown chakra and can take the properties of all stones. It encompasses all the elements – Earth, Air, Fire & Water, connects to every starsign and rules the sun.

Clear Quartz Amplifies all energies and thoughts. It absorbs, stores and releases energy. It works on cleansing all of our organxsand as a deep soul cleanser.


Crystal Dragon Skulls

While the collective consciousness in the world at this time may be in agreement that dragons do not presently exist physically on Earth, there is a rising movement that is bringing Dragon consciousness to the forefront. Transcending the legends that depict dragons as negative or destructive, the emerging beliefs hold that dragons are “Beings of Magic”, with Magic defined as consciousness in action. Many further believe that dragons are connected to crystalline energies, bolstering the appeal of Dragon Crystal Skulls which hold a powerful attraction … particularly when carved in a primordial stone like Auralite which brings to life the unique, otherworldly and magical energies of Dragons. – https://www.crystalskulls.com/dragons.html


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