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BioMS Engineered Curcumin, making it 18,000 times more bioavailable than regular Turmeric.

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  • NANOFY by Vidafy©


    Suggested use: Take 10 drops a day diluted in room temperature or a warmer liquid of your preference and stir, do not shake. To enjoy with a cold beverage add ice after stirring in the product.

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  • SYNBÍOFY by Vidafy©


    Formulated on the basis of cutting-edge science, SYNBÍOFY is the innovative synergy between prebiotics and probiotics.Our new formulation is scientifically designed with all-natural herbal and fiber ingredients together with magnesium and more than 5 billion colony-forming units. This combination of traditional herbs, soluble fibers, and probiotics, in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet, could help you achieve whole body wellness.*

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