Wytch My education is varied, but includes Diploma in Natural Therapies, Youth Work, Nursing and a degree in Health. I have also completed many metaphysical courses, including Reiki II, Healing with Oliver Niño and certifications with Alkymia. I knew I was a witch at a young age, and I started using mediumship around the age of 12. I used to use my mothers runes, and was gifted my first set of tarot when I was 16 and I made a set of pewter runes when I was in Grade 10. I underwent some serious health issues in 2017 that required me to have a liver transplant, I was gifted this in Feb 2018. As a result I have not been able to return to my normal employment. But it has given me time to go through a lot of shadow work and have come through realising that my purpose, and path has changed. I am here to provide more valuable help to others, through healing and I would like to eventually return to a chaplaincy type role for all those involved in organ and tissue donation. My true purpose is to serve others, through a physical and spiritual connection.


I’ve never Blogged before… So, welcome to AND SHE WAS! Very exciting days ahead, as I try not to destroy the computer for not reading my mind. I do have a seperate blog post that delves a little deeper into what get me started in witchery and things. I will no doubt expand on that …

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