About Me

My long story short can be found in my blog. My basic story is from childhood to today. I have always been gifted in psychometry, ‘object reading’ is what I call it. But I grew up with ghosts and probably a goblin or two. Runes and Tarot Cards were my baby steps. Now I work with energy, vibration and spirit.

I have completed my Diploma in Natural Therapies, specialising in Aromatherapy. I have also completed Reiki II with Reiki Infinite Healer™, Authentic Living™ Authentic Energy 30-day program®, as well as Illuminated Path©, Evolve© and Success Activation© with Alkymia Energie Healing™, and most recently I completed Soul Alignment Mastery™ through Connecting Soul Beings® with Bianca de Reus, which has really helped me come alive again. To believe in myself and to understand my gifts and our connections. 

Armed with everything and a little bit more, I ask you to take a ride with me. Let us lift your vibration. Let us be whole, healed and happy in this life, in this skin.

My Purpose

To assist people in their spiritual growth through connection with the divine, by improving health through healing, and by providing a range of services that inspire and guide us back to a purposeful life. In service with grace and love.

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